Quality Control

Activity measurement and monitoring of processes and products require very precise measuring equipment. For this, the company has through the years, various instruments as a QMQD (photo 1), precision marking gauges (photo 2), digital rules, tables marble, rods etc. …

With over 800 inspections per week monitoring of non-compliance with internal and external (less than 1500 PPM on average per year) and before the new demands of our customers for parts with dimensions more cramped, the company has a new CMM (see below).

Machinery P & W has developed a tool for measuring and inspection very powerful application of the family of CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine). It can be placed directly on the floor of the plant near the machine tools. Fully computer controlled, this element becomes an important link in the production chain for a high quality product.


  • Displacement X 700mm (27.6 inches)
  • Displacement Y 1000mm (39.4 inches)
  • Move Z 650mm (25.6 inch)
  • Weight 500kg (1100 lbs)
  • 3D acceleration 520mm / s (20.5 in. / Sec.)
  • 3D velocity 1730mm/sec (68.1 in. / Sec.)