Machinerie P&W provides its employees with all necessary infrastructure and appropriate computer equipment to properly perform their duties. The company occupies a total area of 38,000 square feet. This area is equipped with functions, (ie machine tools, welding machines, presses, plastic, polishing and storage)

To ensure good control of our processes, we have developed an identification system plans related to the purchase requisition number and drawing a barcode system which is connected to the “Utilities P & W” a control software created in unique and effective machinery to P & W to trace the manufacturing process optimally. This utility allows you to generate reports on the history of manufacture of a product and is a great promoter of quality improvement.]

Another utility such as generating reports MAXPW holds the history of all previous productions, the price of materials, time etc. all operations. These analyzes are still to identify gaps and to raise opportunities for improvement.

For linking and sharing more efficient with its customers and partners, the company has the ability to design, process and route CAD drawings (Computer Aided Design). It brings a profit on Pro / ENGINEER was designed to place the engineers and designers at the heart of the process of product development.