Machining plastics

Several sectors such as food, pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper, chemical industry and industry in general are already replacing metal parts with polymers (plastics) for the purposes of specific applications.

The machining of polymers is very widespread in the industry and many companies are forced to do some machining parts outside of Canada.

The solution is found in Machinery P & W is the largest purchaser of UHMW * in Canada. A special feature of this polymer with very high molecular weight that prevents bacteria from lodging in its pores. We have a department isolated temperature controlled to achieve a level of quality.

Part of the large family of polymers, UHMW (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) or polyethylene, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene is a linear type which can be used to make fibers so strong they replace Kevlar ® for the manufacture of bullet-proof vests. Large sheets of UHMWPE is also used to replace the ice rink.